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Schjerning Farver A/S


Schjerning Farver A/S

Porcelain Colours


A Quality Product from
Schjerning Farver A/S [View Profile]
Ebeltoft - Denmark

Description :
Porcelain Colours - ?With the Rose?:
Schjerning Farver A/S produces the professional porcelain colours for firing at 800?C. The colours are brilliant with very fine painting abilities, and they are easy to mix with oils and RCP Painting Mediums. Our very strict control is a guarantee for a high quality which is always constant. The porcelain colours are available as lead containing-, lead free- and lustre colours. Furthermore we have a wide selection of painting mediums and accessories. See more under "Brochures.

Lead Free Porcelain Colours
As a supplement to our wellknown series of porcelain colours "With the Rose", which contains lead, we have now produced a new series of porcelain colours WITHOUT LEAD - in 63 selected shades and 4 metallic shades.

Available in pots with 6 or 3 gr.

The colours are very fine grinded and very easy to mix with medium or porcelain oils. All shades are fired at 800? C. It is possible to attain a more brilliant colour shade if the oven temperature is kept at 800? C for about 30 minutes before cooling, or if the kiln is slowly warmed up and afterwards slowly cooled down.

Please note that pencil strokes will not disappear during the firing, when the lead free porcelain colours are used, as they will when the porcelain colours containing lead are used.

We are constantly trying to develop harmless colours, and with this new series we think that we have made a big progress, because it is now possible to paint on porcelain with harmless porcelain colours and painting mediums.

Lead Containing Porcelain Colours

Schjernings porcelain colours - with the rose - are world famous, among other things because of their brilliancy and the high quality. The colours are very fine-grained, and are therefore very easy to mix with oils and RCP mediums. The very tight control is a guarantee for the quality.

Schjernings porcelain colours are available in pots with 8 gram or less and in pots with 100 gram, (except the expensive purple colours). The colours are divided into different price groups.
After firing at about 780? -820? C a very beautiful, brilliant result is achieved.

Besides the standard assortment of more than 80 shades, we also have assortments of pastel colours and portrait colours.

Tiles with strokes are available as original colour cards. Also printed colour cards are available, but please notice that the shades are not 100% correct on these, due to the printing process.

Schjerning's porcelain colours are transparent onglaze colours and should be laid on thinly, because a too thick coat will fall off during the firing.

In the assortment we also have different special colours, among others relief colours, metallic colours and other special colours.

Also gold and silver for porcelain painting are in the assortment. The gold colours are available in various qualities in Bright gold and Burnish gold. Bright gold is very glossy immediately after the firing, whereas the Burnish gold is mat and has to be burnished to make the gloss appe?rance. Silver is available as Bright silver.

Schjernings porcelain starter kits are available with different contents, both concerning the number of colours and oils/mediums.

Accessories and Oils

We have a large range of oils and mediums to mix up with the porcelain colours, in different sizes from 10 ml to 500 ml. Most of the oils and mediums are in glass bottles.

There are many different porcelain oils for the different techniques, e.g. wipe-out, pendrawing, painting of roses and many more.

Furthermore a large program within accessories for porcelain painting is available.

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Schjerning Farver A/S

We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Porcelain Colours, Schjerning colours, Art colours, Brushes, Pads & paper, Accessories, Dyeing colours.

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