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Arun New Era Overseas


Arun New Era Overseas

Handmade Origami Papers

New delhi

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Arun New Era Overseas [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
Creating an aeroplane by tearing a page from notebook or making a paper boat when its raining, is a favorite recreation activity for every child. All these objects are made of colored or simple paper by the method of folding. However, apart from a child's world if we consider this art of folding on a commercial note, we will discover that this is a Japanese art which dates back to thousands of years and is famously known as 'Origami'. The versatility of handmade paper is what makes it appealing for usage in this form of art and the handmade paper specially crafted for this purpose is known as Origami Handmade Paper.

In recent times the artistry of paper folding is flourishing and the artisans are looking for various innovative mediums. Putting an end to this search, handmade origami papers have emerged as a widely acceptable and respected avenue as composition and paper choice play an important role in this the art. Origami handmade paper enables one to create an inspiring composition of various objects in an elegant and interpretive display.

Handmade origami paper is available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, prints and plethora of colors combinations. The amalgamation of this oldest form of art and elegance of handmade paper transforms ordinariness into forms of ingenuity and beauty which is all the more extraordinary. This form of paper is used to create numerous objects like, various home decor items, lamp shades, basket etc.

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Arun New Era Overseas

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Eco-friendly handmade paper and handmade paper crafts. Our Products Range Include: 1. Handmade Paper: - Silk Paper - Cotton Paper - Embroidery Paper - Dew Drop Paper - Lokta Paper - Batik Paper - Mica Paper - Petal Paper - Emboss Paper - Bark Paper - Jute Paper - Metallic Paper - Banana Paper - Leatherite Paper - New Paper 2. Handmade Paper Journals: - Paper Cover Journals - Fabric Cover Journal - Leather Journals - Beads Journals - Handmade Embroidered Journal 3. Picture Frames: - Paper Frames - Hanging Frames - Leather Frames 4. Paper Stationery: - Files & Folders - Letter Heads & Envelopes 5. Paper Bags: - Shopping Bags - Wine Bags 6. Star Shades: - 9 Leaf - 5 Leaf - Miscelleneous - Different Shapes & Shades 7. Paper Boxes 8. Desktop Accessories 9. Greeting Card 10.Handmade Paper Craft 11.Handmade Paper Albums 12.New Arrivals

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