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Arun New Era Overseas


Arun New Era Overseas

Handmade Paper Boxes

New delhi

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Arun New Era Overseas [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
Using handmade paper saves our environment and also helps in preserving our nature. However, the advantages of handmade paper and paper products is not only restricted to their utility and environment friendly attributes but consists of their ability of the venture to help the rural craftsmen. Handmade paper boxes are very useful creativity of paper and as a result of their attractive and durable features people all around the world are more interested in using handmade paper products instead of machine made. These nature-friendly handmade paper boxes consists of general-purpose paper boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, bangle boxes and sweet & cake boxes.

An amalgamation of adroit craftsmanship and creative designs is how the range of handmade paper boxes can be defined. They are primarily used for the purpose of presenting and keeping something in better way and safe respectively such as for packing materials, files, stationers and glasses. Available in numerous simple and custom designs, with surface ornamentation, these paper boxes add a special touch to the gifts with little surface ornamentation.

In the manufacturing process of handmade paper products, like these boxes, there are no chemicals and harmful dyes used. These boxes are produced by employing waste bio-mass like grass, jute, husk, cotton waste of the textile mills, broken leaves and flower petals, waste wool etc. These sorts of boxes are manufactured in all over India and are available in hundreds of cover papers, in a four sided square model, in a six sided circular model, and in various diameters & height requirements.

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Arun New Era Overseas

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Eco-friendly handmade paper and handmade paper crafts. Our Products Range Include: 1. Handmade Paper: - Silk Paper - Cotton Paper - Embroidery Paper - Dew Drop Paper - Lokta Paper - Batik Paper - Mica Paper - Petal Paper - Emboss Paper - Bark Paper - Jute Paper - Metallic Paper - Banana Paper - Leatherite Paper - New Paper 2. Handmade Paper Journals: - Paper Cover Journals - Fabric Cover Journal - Leather Journals - Beads Journals - Handmade Embroidered Journal 3. Picture Frames: - Paper Frames - Hanging Frames - Leather Frames 4. Paper Stationery: - Files & Folders - Letter Heads & Envelopes 5. Paper Bags: - Shopping Bags - Wine Bags 6. Star Shades: - 9 Leaf - 5 Leaf - Miscelleneous - Different Shapes & Shades 7. Paper Boxes 8. Desktop Accessories 9. Greeting Card 10.Handmade Paper Craft 11.Handmade Paper Albums 12.New Arrivals

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