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A Quality Product from
AEON OVERSEAS [View Profile]
Gurgaon - India

Description :
The world market is going back to the basics. This trend is evident in the way people think and purchase eco-friendly products. Our exciting field of handmade paper and its products promotes the Green Earth trend in the world market. Through the years we have done an extensive research into this field of Handmade Paper and offer a largest range, with an impeccable quality in an increasingly competitive market.

Handmade paper is a layer of entwined fibres and held together by the natural bonding properties of cellulose fibres lifted by hand, sheet by sheet on moulds in suspension of fibres in water with or without sizing. The basic raw material being cotton rags / hosiery cuttings / re-cycled hand made paper itself. The process is devoid of any addition of acids. Therefore it is 100% effluent free and does not create any air or water pollution.

Handmade paper has greater tensile, bursting, tearing and double fold strength compared to conventional paper.

Papers Variety :-
Handmade Paper possibilities includes - Crinkle papers, Mottled papers, Textured papers, Moon rock papers, Silk papers, Floral papers, Flower petals papers, Sandwich, Leaf impression papers, Embroidery papers, Stitched papers, Embossed papers, Dew drop papers, Spray Coated papers, Silk screen printed papers, Block printed papers, Batik papers, Designer papers, Gift wrapping papers, Lokta papers, Rice papers etc. Papers can be personalized in desired colours, thickness, textures, and styles.

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Manufacturer and Exporter of Handmade Papers (100% wood free-cotton papers)- Silk Papers, Banana Papers, Crushed Papers, Crinkle Papers, Embossed Papers, Color Embossed Papers, Floral Papers, Sandwich Papers, Metallic Papers, Leatherette Papers, Craft Papers, Cotton Papers, Batik Papers, Marbled Papers, Printed Papers (Personalized), Embroidery Papers & many more?wrapping papers, Personalized packed wrapping papers Handmade Journals - Embossed Paper Journals, Bead Journal, Spiral Journals, Silk Journals, Address books, Leather journals with personalized embossing, Silk Journals, Handcrafted work on Journals, Bamboo Journals Handmade Gift boxes - Embossed Paper gift boxes, Fabric gift boxes with bead work and embroidery, Fabric gift boxes with mirror and trays, Personalized shapes and sizes for packaging, Paper tissue boxes, Handmade paper packaging, Handmade keep sake Handmade Photo Albums - Embossed Paper Photo Albums, Leather Photo Albums, Beadwork Photo Albums, Embroidery work Photo Albums, Bridal Photo Albums Handmade Scrapbooks - Embossed paper scrapbooks, Bridal scrapbooks, Embroidery scrapbooks, Scrapbook papers for decorations and themes Handmade Gift bags - Personalized gift bags, Stylist gift bags, Carry bags Paper Machie - Gift boxes, Utility boxes, Christmas decorations, Trays, Personalized art work / designs on all items

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