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A.K. Enterprises


A.K. Enterprises

PRPM 3000 Series Paper Recycle and Pulp Moulding Machinery Full Plant


A Quality Product from
A.K. Enterprises [View Profile]
Coimbatore - India

Description :
- PRPM 3000 Series Paper Recycle and Pulp Moulding Machinery Full Plant :-
-HP 3000 Hydro Pulper
-PRPM-3000 Pulp Moulding Machine
-HAG -3000 Hot Air Generator
-HAB-3000 Hot Air Blower
-PEMD-3000 Pre Drier & Drier with Conveyor

- PRPM 2500 Series Paper Recycle and Pulp Moulding Plant
1. HP 2500 Hydro Pulper
2. PRPM-2500 Pulp Moulding Machine

- Quality Control Equipment :-
Crushing Strength Tester : CST - Digi - 1000 for Paper Cone / Tube
For Paper Core : CST - Digi - 5000

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A.K. Enterprises

Manufacturer and Exporter of - Paper Conversion Machinery for Paper Cones, Paper Tubes, Paper Cores, Paper Edge Protectors, Pulp Molding products and spares. - Paper Conversion Machinery :- Paper cones Paper Tubes Paper Cores Paper Edge Protector Paper Recycle Pulp Moulding Spares

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Prpm 3000 Series Paper Recycle And Pulp Moulding Machinery Full Plant

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