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Waste Paper and Paper Scraps


A Quality Product from
Delhi - India

Description :
The environment is becoming a key focus area in business today and we are proud to do our bit in saving environment from crisis by trading in waste paper industry. Paper and board products are essential elements of today's society, and most of them can be recovered for recycling process of paper. Market demand, coupled with environmental legislation and the increasing cost of waste disposal emphasizes the need for recycling. We are the leading in indentures of waste paper and pulp.

We offer a wide variety of waste paper and paper scraps specifically designed to meet our clients requirements.

Our range of waste paper and paper scraps includes:
News & Pams
Old Corrugated Cuttings
New Corrugated Cuttings
Kraft Carrier Board
Kraft Multiwall Bags
New Coloured Envelope Cuttings
Sorted Office Pack
Light & Dark Colour Cuttings
Map Stock
Plastic Window Envelope
Double Sorted OCC
New Double Lined Kraft Cuttings
Mixed Waste
Box Board Cutting
Waxed Cup Stock
Coated Book Stock
Manila File Folder
Soft/Hard White Shavings
Manifold White Ledger
Super/Coloured Ledger
Carbon Interleafed Ledger
Carbonless Thermal Ledger Paper
& Other Waste Paper

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Manufacturers, Dealers and Exporters of Paper, Lable Stock, Waste Paper, Non Woven Fabrics and BOPP Polyster Films. We deal in all kinds of Paper and Boards.
Paper:Adhesive Paper, Art Paper/Chromo Paper, Base Paper Eor Abrasive, Binding Board, Bleached Kraft, Coloured Board, Kraft Paper/Linner/Board, Duplex/Triplex Board, Kodak Paper, Crape Paper, Masking Tape Stock, Newsprint / Lwc / White Printing, Non Woven[All Grades], Poly Cup Stock, Poly Coated Paper, Release Base Paper, Silicon Coated Paper, Solid Bleached Surphate Board, Tea Bag Paper, Tetra-Pack, Thermal Paper, Tracing Paper[Coloured&White], Tissue Paper, Wax Paper, Wall Paper Base Stock, Wet Strenght Paper.
Lable Stock:Thermal Transfer Labels, Vinyl Labels, Silicon Coated Labels, Chromo Labels, Fluorescent Labels, Coloured Adhesive Paper, Direct Thermal Labels, Clear To Clear, Release Base Paper, Maplitho Paper, Clear To Release
Mirror Cote Paper
Waste Paper and Paper Scraps: News & Pams, Old Corrugated Cuttings, New Corrugated Cuttings, Kraft Carrier Board, Kraft Multiwall Bags, New Coloured Envelope Cuttings, Sorted Office Pack, Light & Dark Colour Cuttings, Map Stock, Plastic Window Envelope, UPSBS, Double Sorted OCC, New Double Lined Kraft Cuttings, Mixed Waste, Box Board Cutting, Waxed Cup Stock, Coated Book Stock, Manila File Folder, Soft/Hard White Shavings, Manifold White Ledger, CPO, Super/Coloured Ledger, Carbon Interleafed Ledger, Carbonless Thermal Ledger Paper & Other Waste Paper
Non Woven Products:PP/Pet Spun Bond Fabrics, Melt Blown Fabrics, Air Laid Fabrics, SMS Fabrics, Needle Punch Fabrics, Spun Lace Fabrics [Philic, Phobic & Laminates], Stitch Bond Fabrics, Wipes/Wet Tissue Fabrics, Medical & Hygiene Fabrics, Thermobond Fabrics
Bopp & Polyester Films:Plain Films [Clear, Matte, White], Coextruded Films [Heat Sealable One/Two Sides], Coated Films, Pearlized Films, Metallized Films

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Waste Paper and Paper Scraps

The environment is becoming a key focus area in business today and we are proud to do our bit in saving environment from crisis by trading in waste paper industry. Paper and board ....


The environment is becoming a key focus area in business today and we are proud to do our bit in saving environment from crisis by trading in waste paper industry. Paper and board ....

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