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Classification of Stationery
Stationery can be classified as business stationery, school stationery, office stationery etc. At home also personalized stationery products like scissors, scale, paper etc are commonly used.
  • School Stationery Products include writing instruments like pens, pencils, book, writing pad, eraser, sharpener and other curricular products for all types of schools and colleges that are often used by students.
  • Desktop Stationery or Office Stationery comprises of a pen holder, multi-function electronic clock, calculator, calendar, letterhead, papers, stapler, folders, writing pads, conference pads, gum pads, scribble pads, business cards, pens, files, note pads, diaries, calendars, erasers, note books and many other office stationery products.
  • Business Stationery includes business cards, letterhead and envelopes which is backbone of any business. Office stationeries are essential for business organizations without which things can slow down or grind to a halt.Stationery products by different manufacturers may not be unique, but they all provide a level of personal service unparalleled by other competitors.
Available in corporate design, office stationery or business stationery products are suited for a small home office and even a corporate office environment. Office stationery products can be customized or designed as per individual requirements. Business stationery products are also used as promotion tools and corporate gifting.

Stationery for artists is also offered in reasonable prices and these include paintbrush, plate, paint bottle etc. Customized stationery products can also be designed to make the products personal or gift them to someone. Stationery products are ideal for promoting products.

By extension the term stationery has been applied to decorative backgrounds that may be attached to e-mail correspondence or to describe templates typically used by home users in desktop publishing software to make, for example, party invitations.

Stationery Market

The stationery market is mostly influenced by macroeconomic development, national income and population growth. The word stationery incorporates each and every commodity like files, folders, erasers, sharpeners, schoolbooks, notebooks etc. It does not limit its spectrum of action but formulates developed innovations in industry. Stationery industry produces much more influence as compare to any other.

Specifications of  Market
The whole stationery ratio in the market depends upon the overall economical environment. The domestic as well as the international market scenario mobilizes more and more rapport with other market happenings. The stationery market also includes wide arena of products comprising paper products, writing instruments, computer stationary, school stationary, office stationery etc. All these varieties have undergone various changes in passage of time by the virtue of new international and modern.

In the international arena the industry of stationery provides more scope for development and trends. Very often the stationery industry ranks as one of the evolutionary aspect of market that produces more and regular changes. As compare to Indian market the international market scenario calls for more innovative trends. The specifications in this regard may be wide which are affected by numerous market values. To look in the international environment the stationery market has witnessed tremendous dynamic changes. Especially the countries like China, U.K., U.S.A. etc, which are leading exporters for stationery products, is the major subject of concern for Indian market. In the product varieties like writing instruments, paper products, leather accessories these countries have lot more shares in world market as compare to any other international participant. In the last decade the Indian market has increase in the imported varieties in market. Especially in the electronic items from South Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, we have produced big market percentage. These product varieties mainly includes calculators, computers, printer etc. The main reason behind this may be difference in nature but they generate healthy and strong competitions in Indian market. Cheap availability of raw material, low cost for human resources, increased and modern technology participation etc can be looked as some of these reasons.

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