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stationery Member Directory(Packaging Boards)

  • Extra Strong Acrylic Packaging Tape

    Extra Strong Acrylic Packaging Tape

    [New York]
    Extra Strong Acrylic Packaging Tape- 2.0 Mil. Item No. 420D Color/Style : Tan Clear Packaging Tape- 2" x 110 Yards, Tan Or Clear-Free Dispenser With Every Purchase. FREE TAPE DISPENSER (#PTD800) with any 1 case (36 rolls) order of packaging tape. We give you Low Prices and a Free Tape Dispenser. Limit one dispenser per purchase. Choose from our Hot Melt or Extra Strong Acrylic Packaging Ta....

  • 灰板纸Grey Board 

    灰板纸Grey Board 

    产品范围:450g-2000g,一等品; 尺寸:常规开片尺寸为787 x 1,092mm, 889 x 1,194mm ,其它规格可以根据客户要求安排生产; 特征:挺度好,抗折度高,物美价廉; 典型应用:广泛用于包装比如月饼盒,酒箱内衬,账册的封面等; 原材料:木浆和废纸。 Product Description 1) Product range: 300-2000GSM available, first....

  • Duplex Board

    Duplex Board

    Duplex board is widely use on most packaging industrial. There will be very high printing condition for the top coated layer, can meet most standard printing and packaing requirements. And we are supplying duplex board with grey or white back, some general condition and technical specification as below: - Packaging : Sheet--load on wood pallets, pack with plastic film, strong seaworth packagin....

  • 单面涂布白板纸Duplex Board with Grey Back (C1S)

    单面涂布白板纸Duplex Board with Grey Back (C1S)

    产品范围:230克-450克各种等级、档次的单面涂布白板纸均可供应; 尺寸:常规尺寸为787X1092、889X1194,也可根据客户要求安排生产; 特点:标准克重、厚度、挺度好、表面涂布、平滑度好; 典型运用:广泛运用于包装和印刷,比如鞋盒、酒包装、火柴盒、牙刷盒、化妆品外包装以及其它包装; 原料....

  • 白卡Single Side Coated Ivory Board (FBB)

    白卡Single Side Coated Ivory Board (FBB)

    产品范围:200克、210克、230克、250克、280克、300克、350克、400克、450克均有生产; 尺寸:开片和卷筒均可,常用规格为787 x 1,092mm, 889 x 1,194mm,也可根据客户要求安排生产各种尺寸的产品; 特征:100%原木浆生产,高厚度和挺度,表面效果好,适合用于印刷和包装; 典型应用:广泛用于包装和印刷,....

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